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Case Study

From beginner to Grade 5 with Clements in six months

What happened when a group of would-be university students from Farnborough Sixth Form College needed to pass Grade 5 Theory in just 6 months?

Five Music Technology students at Farnborough Sixth Form College required ABRSM Grade 5 Theory for entry to their degree courses, but they only had six months to pass the exam. With supervision from Farnborough’s Head of Music, Ben Dowsett, the quintet studied with Clements Theory.

After just six months with Clements Theory and some extra tuition in composition from Mr Dowsett, the students were ready to take their Grade 5 Theory exams.

The results were extremely impressive: four merits and one pass, and five happy students on their way to study Music Technology at university.

Ben Dowsett commented:

“I was extremely impressed by the way in which the students — who were all complete beginners in music theory — were able to study largely on their own, with hardly any difficulty and with minimal supervision required from me, and to achieve such good marks in a notoriously tricky exam in a short period of time.

I am very happy to recommend Clements Theory to support not only the ABRSM exam but also general music study at GCSE or A Level.”

Extra features for schools

  • Individual students' activity and progress can be monitored in detail.
  • Instantly see the student's strengths and weaknesses by topic, and their progress over time.
  • Set assignments with deadlines and automatically mark students' work.
  • Predefined assignments are available in each topic, or customise your own and save them for future use.
  • Set up special accounts for use for one-off sessions in the classroom, without the personalisation features, allowing you to make much greater use of a limited number of licenses.


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How it works

Your school buys a number of annual subscriptions at once, discounted for volume. You (as the teacher) are able to allocate the subscriptions to the students of your choice.

The subscriptions can be shared between a number of students and “recycled” when a student has finished studying for their theory exam.

How to buy

Purchasing for schools and organisations is completed by purchase order and invoice. Buying a subscription can be done in advance or from within an existing account.

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How it works

You apply for a free account with Clements Theory. You will then be given a special code which you can pass on to as many students as you like.

Your students buy an individual subscription to Clements Theory using the code. This will give them a discount (40%) on a normal subscription, and it will link their account with your school.

You are then able to monitor their progress and set assignments, but not view their billing information, set their password, or assign their subscription to another student.

Pricing information is available here

How to buy

Simply complete an application form, and once approved, we will send you the login details to your free master account, along with your student-funding code.

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Best of both worlds

  • Both options can be combined in one school / organisation
  • Both come with a free "master" account providing full access to all study material, and allow you to monitor student progress and set assignments
  • The best of both worlds to ensure the best value for money for your music department without compromising the quality of your students' education

"Clements Theory has been well used and has been a great resource to have in the department! Thank you."

— Rachel Setterfield
Department of Music, Wellington College