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Access to all the great features of Clements Theory is available for periods of 3, 6, or 12 months, and your subscription can be renewed at any time. Simply select an option to begin!

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We offer two ways to subscribe to Clements Theory as a school. In both cases, the teacher's account is included free, and it is possible to combine both approaches at once.

Multi-user annual subscriptions are available for schools and other organisations

Your school buys a number of annual subscriptions at once, discounted for volume. You (as the teacher) are able to allocate the subscriptions to the students of your choice.

The subscriptions can be shared between a number of students and “recycled” when a student has finished studying for their theory exam.

Student-funded subscriptions

Your students buy an individual subscription to Clements Theory using the code. This will give them a discount (40%) on a normal subscription, and it will link their account with your school.

You are then able to monitor their progress and set assignments, but not view their billing information, set their password, or assign their subscription to another student.

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» Full information and pricing for schools is available here

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Purchasing for schools and music services is usually completed by purchase order and invoice. To buy a subscription for your school, please select one of these options:

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— Rachel Setterfield
Department of Music, Wellington College