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Student-funded subscriptions

Student-funded subscriptions for Clements Theory provide a cost-effective way to provide access to your students.

"Student-funded" subscriptions are now available for schools, as a highly cost-effective – but equally useful – alternative to our standard multi-user licences. These are ideal for any organisation working with budget constraints, or as a way of more flexibly funding music theory tuition via Clements Theory. They can be used in combination with multi-user licences, or as a standalone way of funding your students' access:

  • Completely free of charge for the school
  • The benefits of a multi-user licence with none of the cost
  • No administration headaches!

How it works

Here is how the process works:

  1. Apply for a free Clements Theory account for your school*
  2. Along with your master account login details we'll send you a special code, looking something like: ABACA
  3. You send this code to your students (we can supply posters / leaflets / letter templates, please just ask!)
  4. Your students (or their parents) subscribe to a personal Clements Theory account (3, 6, or 12 months), paying by credit card
  5. While subscribing, there's a "Voucher Code" box, into which the ABACA code is entered.
           Note: using the code provides a 40% discount on the standard rates
  6. The student's new account is linked automatically to your school account for the duration of their subscription.
  7. You will be able to monitor their progress, see their work, and set assignments, but you won't be able to see or change their password, or access of their any personal billing / account information.

*If you already have a Clements Theory school account, you can already use student-funded subscriptions as described here. Just visit your My Account area to find your code.

No admin headaches

Other than the need to distribute the ABACA code to your students, there's no admin involved:

  • No set-up of student accounts
  • No need to set or manage passwords
  • No involvement with billing

...leaving you free to focus on the teaching!

Extra features for schools

The following are provided free-of-charge when you create your school account:

  • Individual students' activity and progress can be monitored in detail.
  • Instantly see the student's strengths and weaknesses by topic, and their progress over time.
  • Set assignments with deadlines and automatically mark students' work.
  • Predefined assignments are available in each topic, or customise your own and save them for future use.


Simply complete an application form, and once approved, we will send you the login details to your free master account, along with your student-funding code.

Apply now

If you already have a Clements Theory account for your school, please contact us if you require assistance using your student-funding code.

Best of both worlds

Once you start using student-funded subscriptions, you are still able to buy school-funded licences, and to blend both options for the "best of both worlds".

  • Both self-funded and licence-funded options can be combined
  • Both come with a free "master" account providing full access to all study material, and allow you to monitor student progress and set assignments
  • The best of both worlds to ensure the best value for money for your music department without compromising the quality of your students' education

"Clements Theory has been well used and has been a great resource to have in the department! Thank you."

— Rachel Setterfield
Department of Music, Wellington College