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Clements Theory is specially designed for anyone studying or teaching music theory and provides a clear, comprehensive, and cost effective interactive environment where students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of music theory.

  • Associated Board (ABRSM)
  • Trinity College London
  • GCSE Music
  • AS and A2 Music

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"We really like Clements Theory, especially being able to track student progress. We've found it invaluable and I would highly recommend it."

— Ben Dowsett
Head of Music, The Sixth Form College, Farnborough

"Can I say how fantastic I think your website is?
The exercises are excellent and the whole display is extremely user friendly."

— Paula
Clements Theory user and recent AB Grade 5 Theory candidate

Clements Theory consists of study guides and practice questions organised by difficulty, starting from the very beginning and working up through five levels to Grade 5 Theory standard.

  • Over 7,000 interactive practice questions
  • 80 comprehensive and easy-to-follow study guides
  • Step-by-step to post-Grade 5 Theory level
  • Help from experts always available online
  • Handy interactive progress charts to show where you are strong and which topics need more work

Clements Theory is suitable for any music student, and is particularly useful if you are studying to take either a music theory exam (such as Associated Board Grade 5 Theory) or if you are studying GCSE or A Level music.

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Extra features are available for schools and music services, making Clements Theory an excellent elearning resource for music theory

  • Set assignments for your students
  • Automatic marking for instant feedback
  • Track progress in all topics and between students
  • Use the resources in "classroom mode" for single sessions

"Clements Theory has been well used and has been a great resource to have in the department! Thank you."

— Rachel Setterfield
Department of Music, Wellington College

The extensive interactive content available in Clements Theory, backed by expert online support for your students, will perfectly complement the music theory teaching in your school or music service. Flexible, re-useable and discounted multi-user licenses are available with simple online control over your students' accounts.

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Five reasons why you should use Clements:

1. Step-by-step Grade 5 Theory study guides

Step-by-step online study guides prepared by skilled musicians cover all key music theory topics.

Online music theory study guides

2. Grade 5 Theory practice questions

Students can sit mock exams. With access to thousands of practice music theory questions (including many specially selected for Grade 5 Theory) choose to focus on problem areas or tackle random selections across all key topics.

Music theory and Grade 5 Theory practice questions

3. Track your progress

Real-time charts enable you to track improvements in all six key topic areas as well as monitoring overall progress.

Track your improvement with online learning progress charts

4. Help and Support

Contact Clements Theory at any time, or use the informative Q&A area where you can submit questions and receive helpful answers from our team of experts and from other music theory students.

Expert help with music theory at any time

5. The cost effective answer to music theory tuition

Exceptional resources, simple to use online accounts and discounted multi-user licences make Clements Theory the most comprehensive e-learning music theory tuition service available.